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Emotional Abuse – what is that?

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Emotional abuse – what’s that exactly? Are there some clear-cut explanations, perhaps, evidence, such as scars or bruises, or at the very least, swearing? Because, if there are none, then how does one know she or he has been abused?

Lisa, the main heroine of Through the Clouds, didn’t. All she knew, she loved and cherished the man she married (Mark) and she would give her heart and her soul to him, but no matter how hard she tried, she didn’t seem to have what it takes to pull everything off. Their relationship were falling down the slope. She blamed herself for being an inept wife, a lousy housekeeper, and a poor mother. Once being a cheerful, lively woman she becomes an empty shell.

Well, Lisa doesn’t have any visible scars or bruises but her heart is bleeding from unseen wounds. Mark possesses unexplainable power over her and she walks a long way into the darkness with him. She is able to find the strength and stop at the edge of the cliff. He can’t make her take the last step. He can’t defeat her.

Lisa tries to comprehend what kept her blinded from seeing the truth about Mark. Was it love, compassion, or a spell? What gave her strength to break through the darkness and to the light? What guided her through the thorny road of her life? Doesn’t matter how to call Him, but her inner Guide was always with her – directing, teaching and loving. All she had to do was to listen and to trust.

If Lisa’s story, her thoughts and reflections do resonate with you, please share your experience, and thoughts here. Or, perhaps, you have questions? I would be glad to answer them. I’d love to hear from my readers