Meet Lisa Trubin

"When Lisa Trubin falls in love with Mark Wally and discovers that he's not all he seemed to be, can she save herself from his seductive grasp and overcome his power over her?"



Have you ever asked yourself who you really are? No, I don't mean such things as whether you are a woman, or a man...a doctor, or a teacher... blonde, or brunette, married or single. No, not that. But really, truly, who are you? What do you need in life? What do you want? A perfect soulmate? A great job? Money? Power? Why do you want what you want? What would it give you? Happiness? Joy? Satisfaction? A sense of fulfillment? Freedom?

You are warmly invited to discuss the questions that life is asking. Erin loves to hear from you.

"Beneath the mundane recanting of a-day-in-the-lives of characters Lisa and Mark, author Erin Aslin shows great insight as a teacher of life's tests. She takes the reader through the Jungian forest and, for a while, snares him/her on the brambles of dependency, ego and materialistic desire. As Lisa moves through the pit of uncertainty designed by the embodiment of the quintessential psychological vampire Mark, she recharges herself through her own volition and ability to generate positive energy and soars 'through the clouds.' Recommended as a compelling spiritual read with simple insights that will resound within one's soul. " Read complete Review at Amazon